"With the inception of The E-Myth mastery Program with Bold Businesses our business has become increasingly productive. Our management team has a clearer sense of purpose and direction. As the owner, life is becoming more manageable, profitable and enjoyable. Thank You Bold Businesses!"

Buck Shaw
Owner, Home Instead Senior Care
Sacramento California

"Since starting the E-Myth Mastery Program with my coach from Bold Businesses I have seen dramatic changes in my business, my employees, my clients and myself. This program has improved all aspects of my life, not just my business. It has changed my attitude. My coach has acted as a counselor and guide. Together, we have identified key areas about myself that need to be worked on in order to meet my primary aim in life. I now have a vision for my future involving my business, but more importantly, involving the people in my life who are most important to me, my family and friends. "

Chuck Spina
Newcastle Physical Therapy
Newcastle California

"I realized that E-Myth Mastery was a true bargain compared to the other consultant firm I’d hired. I could see that I would be getting a lot more information for a lot less money. "Because of The E-Myth Mastery training, I now have the ability to take on more work. I don’t have to turn people away. I no longer feel that growth will lead to disaster. In the next year I plan to use the program to help my employees reach their goals."

The Richards Group Charleston, SC

"Until I heard of Michael Gerber, I was a one-man operation, slaving day and night to make a living."I took his advice and now my business does…$70,000,000 a year… and best of all, it runs itself!"

RE/MAX Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

"E-Myth Mastery has helped me to believe that my business can and will work more efficiently. Once I believed it completely, it was easy to make believers out of my employees. Now my whole life has turned around. My wife has a husband again. My son has a father, and my business has a stable manager."

Reno Green Landscaping, Inc. Reno, NV

"Thanks to Michael Gerber, I have freed up over three hours a day, significantly increased my sales, more than doubled my bottom line, and been able to take my first vacation in four years."

Best Choice Graphics St. Paul, MN

"Every small business owner that I talk to personally ends up enrolling in E-Myth Mastery. No matter what their concerns might be, I tell them The E-Myth Academy has the answers."

FleetWeather, Inc. Hopewell, NY

"The E-Myth Academy taught me how to get my house in order. Through E-Myth Mastery, I have learned to simplify my systems for dealing with a variety of problems to a point where it doesn’t matter what type of water situation I’m dealing with. I know my staff will always have the solution."The E-Myth Academy has shown me that my opportunities in the future are unlimited."

Crystal Clear Water Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

"The business philosophies and tools for developing strategies that are taught by The E-Myth Academy allowed us to enjoy an average growth of 45% per year. I enjoy the assistance I get from E-Myth Mastery. They’ve given us the confidence and freedom to apply our own personal applications. They taught us how to develop an Action Plan and how to follow up on it. "The distance we’ve come in the last five years is hard to believe. I personally enjoy my job so much more. There’s a joy to coming to work. And I think the people who work here feel the same way. The E-Myth Academy gives you a plan for your life as well as your business."

Digger’s Specialties Bremen, IN

"The E-Myth Mastery Program has taken us from a small business with inconsistent sales results to one with consistent record breaking sales. Thank you, Michael Gerber!"

Opportunity Management Beaverton, OR

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