E-Myth Mastery is a multi-million-dollar curriculum that includes your own private teacher. It's useful, practical, real-world knowledge that's implemented real-time into your business. Think of it as a long-distance, working-person's MBA, without the Ivy League price tag.

Lead Conversion
Lead Generation
Client Fulfillment

Each of these seven skills is presented through a specific training module with corresponding audio-tape(s), and the essential E-Myth workbooks. A total of 47 workbooks explain the content and principles to be learned, provide case studies and examples, as well as worksheets for applying those ideas to the business. Integral to the process of learning is a coach who individually mentors candidates-one week at a time-every step of the way.

All coaching is provided via phone, fax, mail and modem. Coaches provide unlimited hot-line support between meetings.

And, any small business owner can afford E-Myth Mastery, as the Program costs less than a part-time, minimum-wage employee!

With E-Myth Mastery, we will show you:
  • What entrepreneurs do that technicians don't do.
  • How to get money when the bank won't give it to you.
  • How to expand your customer base when Big Business moves in down the street.
  • How to develop the best people when you can't afford to pay them competitive wages.
  • How to increase the predictability of what your business is able to promise, and then how to keep that promise, every single time, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Mastery is a business development program that helps you turn your company into a world-class operation...into a turn-key money machine!

Imagine not having to work so hard...being able to run your business instead of having the business run you. Imagine your money growing in gross revenues, net profits and owner's equity, and most important of all-in personal income for you-more than you've ever been able to pay yourself before.

Imagine discovering a system of proven results, no matter what your business.

We're so sure you'll be pleased with our program that we don't require a long-term contract.

So, why wait another day? Your business has the capacity to grow to exponential proportions. Working together, we can accomplish even greater goals than you first envisioned! Call us today at 916-212-5476 or toll free at 888-843-3600 to get started in The E-Myth Mastery Program.

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